To Sing Along the Way: Minnesota Women Poets from Pre-Territorial Days to the Present
The first historical and contemporary anthology of Minnesota women poets, this anthology is edited by three prize-winning poets. Poems included range from the earliest poetry in Minnesota—oral song-poems of Ojibwe women—through the sounds and rhythms of early-twentieth-century formalism and contemporary free verse.

My Kind of River Journey: Seeking Passage on the Mississippi
Many people are drawn to the Mississippi River and its destination. Susan Carol Hauser answered the river’s call by taking an ocean-trawler-cum-riverboat from St. Paul to the Gulf of Mexico with her husband. Her experiences—those leading to the journey, the journey itself, and the return home—are the overt subject of My Kind of River Journey. The undercurrent is the story of the river itself, of the water and the manner of its going, of the rivers of our lives, and of personal transformation. As with the river, the undercurrent is all.

Outside After Dark: New & Selected Poems
Susan Carol Hauser's poems are "words and images gleaned from the heart" -- the heart of Minnesota, the heart of Africa, the heart of the poet. You don't have to figure out what Hauser is trying to say. Only allow yourself to be carried along, by canoe, by tzxi or airplane, by laughter (Generation Gap) or music (Ada, a villanelelle). Feel the way a seal travels, see how a poet works (Tower View)), ponder our relationship to time (Woman Seeking Flowers) or to our bodies (Anatomy). Outside After Dark can best be described with Hauser's own words from Dreaming of Africa" "a dowsing rod of the heart seeking the water of home."
--Helen Bonner

Beloved on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude
"We turn to poems for solace, wisdom, comfort, joy. We wrap ourselves in words -- words of mystery, words of gratitude and remembrance. As unique as each life is, so is each death. ... This collection of poems on grief and gratitude honors the individual lives of those departed, our beloved on this earth."
--Pamela Mittlefehldt

You Can Write a Memoir
Passionately encouraging readers to reclaim the precious moments of their personal histories, Hauser shows readers how to transform them into intimate, compelling narratives. Using inspired samples from her own work, as well as essays by her students, she illuminates the process of finding and conveying meaning in both their own life and the lives of their friends and families.

Sugaring: A Memoir with Instructions
In this meditative celebration Hauser reflects on the joys of collecting maple sap and of what she has learned over the years about cooking it down into syrup. She also observes and celebrates the return of bald eagles, the slow transition from winter to spring.

Wild Rice Cooking: History, Natural History, Harvesting and Lore with Recipes 1989 Minnesota Book Award
Wild rice, native only to the western Great Lakes region of the North America, is rich in both nutrition and lore. Using traditional methods, American Indians and other residents of the area harvest it from lakes and rivers where it grows naturally. Wild rice is also raised and harvested commercially.

Full Moon: Reflections on Turning Fifty
Hauser charts her arrival at the 50th birthday marker in this collection of 13 reflective essays in which “she journeys toward appreciation of age and aging, celebrating life's cycles and, she hopes, arriving at acceptance and understanding of self.”
--Publishers Weekly

Other Books

Some of these books are available from online used bookstores, including and

1992 Girl to Woman: A Gathering of Images

1992 Which Way to Look

1992 What the Animals Know

1988 Meant To Be Read Out Loud, 1989 Minnesota Book Award

Selected Works

Arranged chronologically, these disparate poems are connected by the common thread of universal themes and reflect Minnesota’s diversity of women’s voices.
"We turn to poems for solace, wisdom, comfort, joy.... "
New Nonfiction
A creative nonfiction narrative about the nature of water in motion and the transformative influence of rivers in our lives, based on a trip down the Mississippi River.
"Words and images gleaned from ... the heart of the poet...."
--Helen Bonner
Transform your personal history into a compelling and meaningful narrative.
The hidden pleasures of making maple syrup with a primer for the novice sugarer.
Graceful meditations dotted with humor, complemented by the delicate art of Californian Barbara Van Arnam.
Natural History
“A true appreciation of wild rice....”
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

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