My Kind of River Journey: Seeking Passage on the Mississippi

Many people are drawn to the Mississippi River and its destination. Susan Carol Hauser answered the river’s call by taking an ocean-trawler-cum-riverboat from St. Paul to the Gulf of Mexico with her husband. Her experiences—those leading to the journey, the journey itself, and the return home—are the overt subject of My Kind of River Journey. The undercurrent is the story of the river itself, of the water and the manner of its going, of the rivers of our lives, and of personal transformation. As with the river, the undercurrent is all.

Center for American Places, Columbia College Chicago, Fall 2011

Selected Works

Arranged chronologically, these disparate poems are connected by the common thread of universal themes and reflect Minnesota’s diversity of women’s voices.
"We turn to poems for solace, wisdom, comfort, joy.... "
New Nonfiction
A creative nonfiction narrative about the nature of water in motion and the transformative influence of rivers in our lives, based on a trip down the Mississippi River.
"Words and images gleaned from ... the heart of the poet...."
--Helen Bonner
Transform your personal history into a compelling and meaningful narrative.
The hidden pleasures of making maple syrup with a primer for the novice sugarer.
Graceful meditations dotted with humor, complemented by the delicate art of Californian Barbara Van Arnam.
Natural History
“A true appreciation of wild rice....”
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

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