2011 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, #10,000
To write essays based on outings in northern Minnesota’s woods and wetlands, including their botanical and cultural history, merging my earlier work in natural history and recent work in personal essay.

2010 McKnight Artist
Fellowship for Writers
Loft Award in Poetry

Judge Marilyn Nelson: “I was touched by the generosity of these poems in the sharing of grief and the upward and downward tides of the ongoing cycles of birth, death and the seasons. They deftly elevate the individual facts of the quotidian toward the simplicity of myth.”

Notable Essays of 2011
The Best American Essays 2012
Selected by Robert Atwan, Series Editor
"Measures of Loss," Terrain Magazine

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The Marriage Bed: Love divided by death, the heart peeled back, the comfort and hope of true feelings embraced, with diversions into humor, nature, philosophy, physics, teaching, writing and ice skating.
Hauser investigates the facts, emotions and consequences of living with eyes wide open. She stares down grief and a life of choices. She interrogates the mysteries of writing, of teaching, of spirituality and of living a personal philosophy. Readers of this collection will feel stronger and more courageous as they face life’s inevitable losses and the fragility of their own hopes.

This Comforts Me is a touching and evocative personal narrative that honors the enriching powers of grief and loss as experienced in response to death, separation and other life passages. It is a book that does not back away from difficult emotions. The text is enhanced by 40 drawings by Minnesota artist Michael DeWitt. Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People, listened to the audio version and commented: "Yes, that's exactly how it feels. It is a moving and comforting message." DeWitt's drawings have been compared to the "War and Death Cycles" of the German artist Kathe Kollwitz.

The Passionate Writing Series
The Passionate Writer: A Guide for Beginners, the Reluctant and the Would-Be Drop a pebble in a pool of water and watch the rings flow out from it. This book begins with the intuitive desire to write—the pebble entering the water—and then follows the rings outward through the writing process, the writing life and, finally, into publishing. Hauser, an experienced author and writing teacher, walks alongside the reader, encouraging confidence in their work and their process, and helping them to identify their place in the writing world. Questions at the end of each chapter help readers—and writers’ groups—think and talk about their writing.

The Passionate Memoir: Bringing Fire to Your Personal Story
Hauser, an experienced author and writing teacher, carries the reader from the desire to write a memoir, through the thinking and writing processes, to the finished work and its aftermath, publishing. Readers learn to bring the energy and emotion of experiences to the page, and to identify and express the meanings and values implied in their memories. Writing prompts at the end of each chapter help readers—and writers’ groups—practice the lessons and concepts presented.
Previously Published as You Can Write a Memoir

Passionate Prompts for the Curious Writer: Developing Robust Nonfiction Stories and Essays
These expansive writing prompts walk the writer through a series of steps that lead to fully-developed nonfiction stories and essays. Includes lessons in techniques such as sensory detail vs. idea; writing what is not there; using research; and how to read what you have written. Hauser is an experienced author and writing teacher. Passionate Prompts is based on her own writing process and is designed for individuals and for writers’ groups.

Selected Works

Arranged chronologically, these disparate poems are connected by the common thread of universal themes and reflect Minnesota’s diversity of women’s voices.
"We turn to poems for solace, wisdom, comfort, joy.... "
New Nonfiction
A creative nonfiction narrative about the nature of water in motion and the transformative influence of rivers in our lives, based on a trip down the Mississippi River.
"Words and images gleaned from ... the heart of the poet...."
--Helen Bonner
Transform your personal history into a compelling and meaningful narrative.
The hidden pleasures of making maple syrup with a primer for the novice sugarer.
Graceful meditations dotted with humor, complemented by the delicate art of Californian Barbara Van Arnam.
Natural History
“A true appreciation of wild rice....”
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

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