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Susan Carol Hauser offers workshops in writing and publishing. Two formats are currently available.

WRITING: "What Did I Say?"
In this day-long workshop, participants will learn ways to read their writing the ways others do, including recognition of values and meanings expressed in the work. The workshop introduces techniques for discovering both literal and metaphorical meaning in participants' writings. Participants are asked to bring a poetry or prose writing sample of approximately five pages to the workshop.

PUBLISHING: Contracts & Copyright--Traditional, Self- and E-Publishing, & Publishing Services
Whether you self-publish, use a publishing service or publish with a traditional press, you should understand your “intellectual property” (IP) rights. This workshop addresses rights, royalties, contracts, permissions, pitfalls, traps and other aspects of publishing rights and contracts, with addtional information on seeking an agent or publisher.

1. Terms Defined
2. Intellectual Property
3. Contracts: Traditional Publishers & Publishing Services
4. E-books: Rights, royalties and arguments
5. Submitting to agents and publishers
6. Additional, if time: Blogs, author pages (FaceBook, amazon), Twitter.
7. Q & A

The Marriage Bed: Love divided by death

This Comforts Me

Writer’s Workshop for One -- or More: A guide for emerging and practicing writers

ISBN 1629145564 Cover Price $14.95

ISBN 1629142212 Cover Price $12.95

Hauser is the recipient of a 2015 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant for Prose ($9.785.00). She will write eight to ten connected essays that contemplate arcs of her life, including her early years in Richfield, Minnesota. She will offer a day-long workshop at the Richfield Public Library or at the Bemidji Community Arts Center on how to research and write an essay about a period of time in one’s life.

Susan Carol Hauser is an essayist, poet and natural history writer with thirteen books published by traditional presses, including My Kind of River Journey: Seeking Passage on the Mississippi; Outside after Dark: New & Selected Poems; and Wild Rice: An Essential Guide to Cooking, History, and Harvesting.

She has been a commentator on National Public Radio’s Living on Earth,” and has received literary grants and awards, including a 2010 McKnight Artist Fellowship-Loft Award in Poetry ($25,000) and a 2011 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant for Prose ($10,000).

Her most recent book is A Guide to the North Country National Scenic Trail in Minnesota, for which she and her co-editor, Linda D. Johnson, received the North Country Trail Association national award for Communicator, 2014.

Her freelance work has appeared in The Sun, the Old Farmer’s Almanac, National Gardener, National Forests, and other local, regional and national magazines. She writes author profiles for Scribner's American Writers.

She blogs at Her author website is at She tweets @​SCHauserMN.

Selected Works

Field Guides
Prevention and Treatment of Lyme Disease and Other Ailments Caused by Ticks, Scorpions, Spiders, and Mites; a Falcon Guide.
Prevention and Remedies; A Falcon Guide
Trail Guide
• Accurate and useful information for accessing the trail with ease and enjoying it safely. * Maps and mileages * Trailhead and parking information * Mile-by-Mile descriptions * Campsites * Trail service towns * Loop trails for easy-access, shorter hikes * Geology, animals, plants and seasons on the trail * Itasca State Park & Maplewood State Park * Using the trail * Safety on the trail
Natural History
This comprehensive guide to Zizania palustris tells the story of North America’s only native grain, from its emergence in the western Great Lakes area to its use in today’s kitchens. The book demystifies the purchasing of wild rice—Black, brown? Long grain, short grain? Lake rice, river rice? US rice, Canadian rice?— clarifies cooking options, and proposes wild rice as a fast food (cook a full pound and freeze in small packets). The recipes range from simple soups to gourmet entrees and food for a crowd. Skyhorse Publishing 2014
Spring time is sugaring time in northern Minnesota where author Susan Carol Hauser and her husband tapped maple trees and made maple syrup for many years. In this affectionate memoir, Hauser evokes the feelings of being in the woods and out of time, living to the rhythm of sap dripping into buckets and snow melting in the warm air. She grounds her personal experience in stories of Native American traditions, provides instruction for backyard sugaring, and offers recipes for today’s kitchen, including microwave maple candy and maple syrup pie. The warmth and promise of the sugaring fire are carried in the story and in Hauser’s memorable prose, that illuminates like sunlight piercing a jar of amber maple syrup. Skyhorse Publishing 2014
New Nonfiction
A creative nonfiction narrative about the nature of water in motion and the transformative influence of rivers in our lives, based on a trip down the Mississippi River.
"Words and images gleaned from ... the heart of the poet...."
--Helen Bonner
"We turn to poems for solace, wisdom, comfort, joy.... "
Transform your personal history into a compelling and meaningful narrative.
Graceful meditations dotted with humor, complemented by the delicate art of Californian Barbara Van Arnam.

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